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1 Simple Step to Make Your Clutter Look Better!


1 Simple Step to Make your Clutter look Better by DeNaze Wharton

Sometimes I just can't take the mess!!! Especially when I am working around my kitchen when the sun is shining just right to show all the clutter! It really brings out my anxiety. I am the type of person that gets anxiety from my environment. Yes people laugh but it is just true. When things are out of place, I get anxious. 


To make things more complicated, we have a very small space. Our kitchen is a galley kitchen and has only a few cupboards. My husband grew up in this house and his mom did not work. She stored most of their kitchen "stuff" in the basement. We live in Michigan, everyone has basements. Times have changed a lot since she worked around her kitchen, We now have a ton of kitchen gadgets that she did not have. I do not like having them stored downstairs. I need to see what I have or I will just plain forget about them.


Our Instant Pot and slow cooker are used all the time since I work full time and find that using those 2 gadgets makes life a lot easier! We also use our rice cooker a couple of times a week-my husband loves rice and I really like it too when it is cooked in the rice cooker. My grandson likes to make smoothies when he is over so that sits out on our tiny counter. 

Long story short-all of the kitchen gadgets have cords on them! Cords that seem to take up more room than the appliance! The cords just seem to be everywhere (-oh, did I mention the air fryer? And that we only have a tiny amount of space?)  I like my kitchen gadgets.  But I find the cords on them just adds to the clutter and chaos of our tiny house (it's not really a "tiny house", it just feels that way when things get out of hand!). 

 I found GRAP!  Grap is double-sided hook and loop that just wraps around itself and BOOM! things are contained, coral-ed, controlled and clean! I love the neatness that GRAP has brought to my life! Everything is neat and orderly in the cupboard, because I now wrap, or as we say in our house -grap all the cords with GRAP!  Every little gadget and thing with a cord on it is now wrapped with grap! It's perfect!

The amount of space I save because the cords are all grapped neatly is unbelievable! It looks so nice! Cords are not dangling or tangling! If I want to use my electric grill, I pull it out and there the cord is all contained right with it! 

It is so simple!! For the kitchen we use the small size grap that comes in a variety of colors. When we are done with the appliance or gadget, we simply  GRAP the cord back up and stow it back on the shelf! It is so EASY! 

I really recommend GRAP, especially in the kitchen, to make the inevitable clutter of the kitchen look a lot better! It really calms my nerves  and makes cooking a lot more fun since we have a nice neat working kitchen space. GRAP is certainly the answer to keeping things orderly in the kitchen or pantry -the cords and my nerves anyway!

You see what GRAP can do in the kitchen, wait til you see how GRAP works in the garage!