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GRAP to the rescue! One Piece Double-sided Hook-and-Loop Organizes Your Home With Just One Wrap

Oh Grap!! Why do I love it so much?  And...

Why is it called GRAP?


Second answer first!  One piece of double-sided hook and loop is kind of a long word that describes something that you grab and wrap things with it. You grab and wrap. Hmm... grab and wrap. Could it be that simple? GRAP?

YES! It is that simple! and so is GRAP!

Using double sided hook and loop is the EASIEST  and most helpful little organizational item you will ever use in your home! There are hundreds of uses but I am going to limit this article to just 7 areas in your home at this time!

No worries I will write more. But, the thing about GRAP is once you have it in your house and you start thinking from a grappy point of view, you will, yourself, find innumerable uses ! That's just a GRAP fact! The more you use GRAP, the more you will find uses for it! 

I am GRAPs biggest fan. I have been using a version of GRAP for about 25 years! I have turned all of my friends on to it and now I have made it my life's work to do what I love-talk about and distribute GRAP every chance I get!

1. Kitchens love GRAP!   Grapping the cords on the instant pot, slow cooker, mixers, rice cooker, electric griddle, and electric grill, and every other electric gadget cleans up your kitchen in a jiffy! You will be surprised by all the space that dangling and tangled cords actually take up! 

2. In the Bathroom, the GRAP neatens up the cupboards and shelves as soon as you start grapping the cords on the hair dyer, flat iron, curling irons, clippers, razors, and maybe that old crimper you saved in case that style comes back!3. Entertainment Rooms have more cords than you realize until you starting grapping them up. You will have room for more games! What a tangled mess you find with the TV, games, music, and all those chargers!! GRAP them up!

4. Clothing on Hangers! Wrap the grap around the hangers when moving, packing, storing winter/summer clothes, storing in the RV, anytime you want to take clothes somewhere, anywhere!  You will wonder how you ever lived without grap!


5. Kids Playroom! Putting things in order, roll up the play rug, group the bears 2 by 2, and grap all the cords on the electric and USB corded toys! 


6. Computer Room/Office: Really, does this need to even be talked about? When 2 or more cords are near, they tangle and messing up twice, 3 times, 10 times more space than they deserve!

7. Storage/ Basement: GRAP those fans, heaters, extra lamps, and anything else you might have in storage that has a cord on it! Are you storing the kids old dorm refrigerator and all that other stuff they appreciated at the time! They all have cords on them that could use a little grapping.