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Mask Wearers Find Great Relief By Grapping Their Masks

Now that so many people are wearing masks, people are trying to find ways to relieve the pain associated with having an elastic band around their ears all day. Ears get sore!

face mask is grapped to protect the wearers ears mask is grapped with red grap to protect ears from soreness

GRAP is one solution to relieve that soreness. GRAP is easy to use, adjustable,  easy to obtain, very inexpensive,  and re-usable. Some people wonder if it is washable. A sanitizer wipe can be used on it.

The user puts the GRAP through the loops and, because it is double-sided hook and loop fabric, it simply attaches to itself-like magic! Hook on one side of the strap and loop on the other side of the strap. Very simple. It is adjustable, depending on the size of the person's head. To take it apart, you just pull it apart. There is a tab at the end so you know where it makes the magic connection!

Grap It! is a small company owned by a nurse in Flint, Michigan. Grap It! has a huge inventory available at this time that she ships from her home on her Shopify Store called 

Although she has a small company, Grap It!  has the best prices around for GRAP!