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Organizing the Kitchen With GRAP

grap double-sided hook and loop is shown wrapped around the electrical cords of small kitchen gadgets

GRAP, double-sided hook and loop is an organizer's favorite tool for keeping all of the small appliances in the cupboard easily accessible and neat and tidy. Grap the cords with GRAP and you will not have dangling, tangling cords getting in the way when you want to grab your favorite rice cooker or mixer.  There is no mess in the pantry when the air fryer cord is grapped up and your instant pot cords are all neatly grapped. You don't have to worry about someone accidentally pulling the wrong cord and things falling from the shelves. How many electric cords do you have that need grap? 

grap double-sided hook and loop is wrapped around the cords of small kitchen appliances

 by DeNaze Wharton