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RV Hack for the Casual Fisherman

RV Hack for the Casual Fisherman

The Freedoms of RV Living...

You're driving down the open road and you see a little river. You pull your rig over, drop a line, and catch yourself some amazing fresh trout for dinner. Living the dream!

Wait!     Whoops!

When you were packing your rig, you decided against bringing your rods because you were trying to find space for your commode! For some reason, at that time the commode seemed very important! 

If your house on wheels has an old fashion headliner with that fuzzy fabric,  this little hack allows you to haul your commode AND your poles! 

When poles ares standing upright they wobble and fall. Lying on the floor, they are in the way or could get stepped on . Attaching a tube on the outside not only involves trips to the hardware, decreases your underbelly clearance, but also is a target for theft. We found the perfect fishing pole storage solution and you will be shocked at how easy this hack is!

It's smart, simple, and cheap.
We simply
GRAP our rods to the carpeted ceiling to keep them both secure and handy.

GRAP is a one piece, double-sided hook and loop strap used for millions of things. Here we are strapping the fishing poles to the  headliner!

People always talk about using “vertical” space for storage solutions in the RV, but with GRAP we are able to simply use a higher level of horizontal space – the ceiling!

GRAP is a strap of double sided hook and loop with exceptional holding strength, versatile lengths, and the flexibility to be removed and placed in other locations. The best part for our older model RV is that it adheres to the carpeted ceiling like a champ.

Go ahead, grab those fishing rods and securely GRAP them to your ceiling. What's the point of having that great RV if you can't enjoy the freedom to do what you love while on the road.