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Collection: Spirit Bracelets Craft Supplies

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  • GRAP (double-sided hook and loop straps with an easy pull tab)     available in 6 different sizes and colors. 
  • Felt. Coordinate the color with your GRAP colors
  • Scissors
Estimate the length of bracelets you want to make. 

People of all ages and sizes like to show their team spirit
from children to great-grandparents!
 Spirit Bracelets made with GRAP fit nicely because they are adjustable with a double-sided hook and loop connection that can be easily cut to size! 

Perhaps your team colors are Red and Black...
Make a Black bracelet with Red trim.  

Step 1:   Trim the excess portion of the GRAP tab on a medium black GRAP creating a straight strap about 7-1/2 inch. (is this long enough for the wrist you are making it for? This is a good time to check.) One side is soft and one side is rough

Step 2:    Lay the rough side of the GRAP on the fuzziest side of the felt leaving about 1/2 inch hanging off the edge of the felt. This is where the GRAP connection will be.  Press the felt firmly against the GRAP. 

Step 3:   Trim the felt so that it is the exact size of the GRAP (there should be no felt on one end of the bracelet)

Step 4:    Wrap the bracelet into a circle and make the GRAP connection. A bracelet is created! 

Step 5:    Cut a red piece of GRAP and cut it lengthwise in half or in thirds. 

Step 6:     Stick the red piece you just cut to your bracelet. Like magic, it stays!!

Your Sprit Bracelet is done! Make some more because the whole team will want one and so will the fans!!